Plan Breakdown: Associations

In each of our plans, you’ll notice the inclusion of an “associations” template. Many people are wondering what that means, or the value it will give to their particular business.

In our combined 30 years’ experience, we’ve been through the good, the bad, and the ugly of networking. From speed networking that felt more like speed dating, to events with so many attendees and such little organization that we wound up leaving shortly after we arrived, to events that felt more like forming a clique than business connections.

Our “Associations” templates eliminate the bad and the ugly, and leave only the associations that we ourselves advocate for, and have relationships with. These organizations have found their way into each of the companies we’ve launched and worked for, no matter what the industry. That’s what it’s about, after all: finding new and creative ways to market businesses in an increasingly crowded landscape.

In addition to information about each association, you’ll find special membership offers just for being a customer of The Industry Formula. From add-on marketing options to the opportunity to host an event and everything in between, these organizations are as creative as we are when aligning themselves with new and existing businesses.

Interested in learning more? Drop us a comment and we’ll reach out.