Planning for 2019

The holidays are upon us, and the hospitality industry is buzzing. Restaurants, hotels, and event venues fill up with family trips, holiday parties and celebratory dinners and before you know it', we’re all toasting to the New Year.

Many restaurant owners and staff wake up on the first of the new year in a fog, truly not being able to recall the individual days that make up the ‘holiday season.’ Though the fourth quarter is traditionally the most busy in the Industry, management can’t make the mistake of not planning for the New Year.

Our sales and marketing templates give business owners everything they need to consider when planning and budgeting for what’s to come, but what are some key items to review before you start?


Take a hard look at the associations your organization has hosted and events that have been attended over the past year. What, truly, was the return on the investment for each? This is where you have to be truly honest with yourself and your team, as well, and examine what you put in to these events. Did you offer to host an event, or send a member of your team to a networking happy hour with some business cards? Did you ask about additional marketing opportunities? If not, now is the time to schedule those meetings and reassess.


“New Year, New You” has become completely cliche, but in the restaurant business, January can be a great time to launch a seasonal menu or assess your brand as a whole and the partners you align with. Did you meet your goals this year? If not, what can be done differently?


Arguably the least fun process, it’s something we all have to do. Take a very close look at your comps for the year and what was budgeted toward advertising, marketing and events, internally and externally. If you spent carelessly, how can you replace that expense with a more thoughtful one? If an event brought you much success, what can you do too up your presence at that event or sign on for more in 2019?

We are here to help! Browse our plans to find self-guided and customized plans for you and your business. Cheers to 2019!