Sales, Marketing & Public Relations: What's Right for You?

We do a lot of networking (Read: A Lot) and talking to restaurant and hospitality business owners.

So many of these managers and owners are looking to, simply put, get more people in their restaurants. Whether that means lunch, dinner, brunch and happy hour diners, or private events, getting past all of the hashtags, articles, and influencers to actually get people in the doors is typically the biggest challenge.

Another trend we see is that these owners don’t have time to leave their respective locations to network, meet new people, and generally put a face to their business’ name. Some restaurants are lucky enough to have a sales and marketing team, but many do not. Many actually don’t realize that their very restaurant can be utilized, and marketed, as a ‘private’ space.

In conversations with hospitality professionals, we often wind up discussing the difference between what we do and what a traditional public relations firm does. There are distinct differences, and reasons for choosing either professional firm for your needs.

According to the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), “Public relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.” This is definitely a great thing to invest in when you are launching your business, and if you’d like to have a consistent brand voice as it relates to the public as a whole. There are many incredible PR organizations right here in Philadelphia, and many who likely specialize in your exact field. For image building, press outreach and media relations, this is a great bet. If you are an established restaurant or chain of restaurants looking to feature your brand in local media, a PR firm would be a great place to go. These firms also have measurements that they can relay to show the reach of their efforts and your brand’s presence as a whole.

If you are a local, regional or national business looking to build up your sales and personalize your outreach and networking efforts, our Hospitality Consulting packages would be the best bet for you. With over 30 Years’ experience between us, Nicole and I are experts on launching businesses, networking on behalf of businesses, and getting people in your doors. We specialize in bringing corporate, social and nonprofit events to businesses such as SPiN, Fogo de Chao, Snap Kitchen, The Palm, Morton’s, Dave & Buster’s, and much more.

Individual dining is also a focus of our organization. Together with your team, we develop cohesive marketing plans, with actionable goals, and reports that we present to you and your team periodically to update on our progress.

In a perfect world, your sales and marketing strategists would work in tandem with your PR strategy, and you’d have a plan for execution. We are happy to partner with any firm to deliver beyond your expectations, and ensure that you have a focused, cohesive plan and a team to deliver on it.

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