The Only Thing You Need to Achieve Your Sales Goals

In the world of restaurants, there is never enough time.

Between ordering, prepping, and cooking the food, to doing inventory, developing and pricing new menus, training and motivating the staff, interacting with vendors, ordering liquor and beer, and maintaining somewhat of a work/life balance—we all wish there was 36 hours in a day, or at least 1-2 more days in a week.

Many restaurants work with a ‘skeleton crew,’ as labor is always a concern. Operating with just enough management and staff is great when you’re watching your costs, but what about watching your revenue? What does it take to see an uptick in your private dining and general dining sales?

One word: Consistency.

Ok, we’re done here.

…Just kidding. Seriously, what it takes is consistent effort. Consistent marketing. Consistent networking, and getting your name out there in the form of a ‘face’ for your restaurant. Many larger restaurants have sales and marketing teams for this purpose, but we know that the smaller organizations can’t afford it.

You should have someone reaching out consistently to your community, including the schools, community organizations, business associations, and hotels. You should have someone representing you and your voice at networking events and town halls, and you should always make sure you are a part of neighborhood events.

But who has the time?”

That’s where we come in. We bring a combined 30 years’ experience, and millions of dollars in revenue, to the table with our hospitality consulting packages. Let us be your ambassadors in the community. Contact us for more, or leave a comment!