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Marketing Strategy | Marketing Plan Templates | Hospitality Consulting

The Industry Formula encourages investment in, and promotion of, the region’s hospitality industry, through our member association and hospitality consulting.

By continuing to provide networking opportunities, promotional partnerships, lead sharing and opportunities to collaborate and exchange ideas, The Industry Formula helps ensure our members have the tools necessary to grow, prosper, and continue to offer the world-class products and services that have made our industry famous and our City a global destination.



The Industry Formula is a broad-based membership association founded in 2014 (under the name Party Partners of Philadelphia) to foster the growth and vitality of the hospitality industry. It is the first hospitality association ever formed in Philadelphia representing collaboration over competition at the heart of the mission.  Together, we’ve collaborated on experiential marketing, events, and conventions in Philadelphia. Looking for an event venue or planning an event? Fill out our contact form.


Sales & Marketing Consulting

We’re your outsourced sales and marketing team. Beth and Nicole developed proven sales and marketing strategies for restaurants, venues, and brands that are launching, looking to revamp their marketing efforts, or beginning to sell their venues for private events. Each package includes one-on-one consultations and customized sales and marketing plans, catered to your individual business’ goals and objectives. We’re experts in selling venues and events in the Philadelphia market; let us help you grow!